Printing & Copying


WEPA print kiosks at the MLC are available at the following locations:

  • First floor, near room 147
  • Second floor, across from Jittery Joe's
  • Second floor, near room 251
  • Third floor, in the 3 East wing
  • Third floor, in the 3 West wing
  • Third floor, in 3 Central
  • Fourth floor, in the 4 East wing
  • Fourth floor, in the 4 West wing

Users may print by:

  • uploading their document(s) from their computer to WEPA's website. (Select the University of Georgia as your institution, and log in with your UGA MyID and password.)
  • downloading WEPA's print app for Mac and PC to your computer.
  • installing a mobile app for iOS (iPhone, iPad) or Android to print directly from their smartphone.
  • using a USB flash drive at a WEPA kiosk.

If you are printing from a MLC lab workstation, your job will automatically be sent to WEPA.

To pay for the printed documents, students may use Bulldog Bucks or funds deposited into a WEPA account.

The cost is $0.07 per page for black and white prints, and $0.50 for color prints per page.


Photocopiers are available on each floor in the vending machine areas. Copying costs $0.09 per page. Copying requires a UGA ID with Bulldog Bucks or a VTS print/copy card. There is a VTS print/copy card vending and value adding station in the MLC 3rd floor East Vending Area. You can also add money to your Bulldog Bucks account online.