Technology Lending

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Requesting Equipment

Checkout, Return, and Renewal

Overdues, Loss, Damages, and Fees

Terms of Use

The MLC offers a variety of computing and audiovisual technology, like DSLR cameras, tripods, laptops, and chargers. These can be checked out from the Service Desk on the 3rd Floor, East Wing.

Consult our Equipment List to see what we are currently loaning out. Check availability and make reservations in the Gil-Find catalog.

Availability is not guranteed.

Service Desk Hours



Hours vary due to holidays, game days, and other situational factors. Please verify the service desk is open before coming to the MLC.

Service may be interrupted due to UGA breaks. This may include: shortened loans, request cancellations, desk being open for returns only, and other changes in operation.

If you have any questions regarding renewal requests, login or technology problems, operation of equipment, or other aspects of our technology lending program, please call 706-542-4673.

You can also submit any policy questions or suggest an improvement online.

Requesting Equipment

See our Equipment List for equipment on offer as well as links to check availability and request items using Gil-Find.

No reservations. We cannot guarantee availability on a specific date or at a specific time. Requests are first come, first serve.

Equipment will be held for 24 hours after email notification is sent. Your request will be canceled beyond this interval if the held item can fulfill a request for another patron. If the hold window has passed, please sign in to your library account with your MyID and view "Requests" to check on the status before coming to pick up.

If you need to borrow a laptop and don't have a preferred operating system (Windows or Mac), you can place a request for one of each type. When one of the two requests is filled, please cancel the other request as a courtesy to other students.

You cannot place requests for two of the same item. If you need to borrow multiple pieces of the same type of equipment at the same time, please submit a question with more information about your need. We will consider exceptions on a case by case basis depending on current availability.

Checkout, Return, and Renewal

Once you’ve requested your equipment and been notified by email that it is ready for pickup, you can retrieve the requested items from the Service Desk.

Laptops & associated accessories have a loan period of 48 hours.

Cameras & associated accessories have a loan period of 7 days.

Remember, equipment must be picked up and returned during service hours. Do not leave items at an unattended desk. Doing so will result in a $50 mishandling charge.

Note: If you have requested multiple items, please note that they may not be pulled and held for you at the same time, depending on availability. Your email notification should indicate which item is available for you. If you are requesting audiovisual equipment with a two day hold window, you may want to wait until you have received notification for all (or most) items. 

To check out items:

  1.  Bring UGA ID or official photo ID to the 3rd Floor East Desk of the MLC during service hours.
  2.  Present your ID to staff and tell them you have received notice that equipment is ready for you to pick up.
  3.  Follow staff's guidance to verify components and complete the check out process.
  4. Pay attention to the due date and time of your loan. Log into your library account to confirm.

To return items:

  1. Bring  UGA ID or official photo ID and equipment with the equipment and its components to the 3rd Floor East Desk of the MLC during service hours. Do not leave items at an unattended desk.
  2. Present ID to staff and tell them you are returning equipment.
  3. Follow staff's guidance to place equipment in the provided bin and hold up item barcode for scan.
  4. Wait until staff indicates you are set before leaving.

Borrowers are responsible for returning equipment on time with all components/accessories included and no signs of misuse or neglect. Students will be charged for overdue, misused, and lost equipment. Read the Terms of Use.


Call the 3rd floor Tech Lending desk for renewals at 706-542-4673.

Renewals are not guaranteed; please be prepared to return items before due date and time determined at check out. Renewal requests will be denied if there is a waiting list for item type.

Laptops and chargers are limited to one renewal. Cameras and camera accessories will not be renewed.

Renewal length is calculated from time of original checkout. Renewal length subject to change based on hours of operation.

Renewal requests submitted via our contact form will NOT be honored. Please call the Tech Lending Desk at 706-542-4673 for renewals.

Overdue Charges [and Unforeseen Circumstances]

Overdue Charges

  • Laptops: $20 per day
  • Cameras: $20 per day
  • Computer Accessories: $5 per day
  • Audiovisual Accessories: $5 per day

Fee Payment

Please call 706-542-3256 during Main Library open hours to pay fines.


Students assume risk when they borrow technology and should treat equipment with care. Borrowers are liable for replacement cost if equipment, components, or accessories are lost. Report lost or misplaced equipment ASAP via our contact form to maximize chances of recovering items.

Do not leave items at unattended service desk. Doing so will result in a $50 mishandling charge.


Some damage is inevitable over time due to wear and tear. Please report physical damage, technical malfunction, and/or missing components ASAP. Borrowers will be held financially responsible for damage requiring repairs in an amount to be determined by Tech Lending staff.


Borrowers in emergency situations, including those related to COVID-19, should contact the MLC to avoid charges or loss of access. Please call 706-542-4673 or contact us online.

Terms of Use

Borrowers must be currently enrolled for credit at the University of Georgia. Faculty and staff who are not students should investigate the equipment available for loan from the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL).

Borrowers agree to return equipment during open service hours prior to the due date and time established at check out. Do not leave items at an unattended desk. Doing so will result in a $50 mishandling charge. Loans will be automatically extended in case of emergency or unforeseen UGA campus or MLC building closure.

Student borrowers agree to contact the Miller Learning Center in the following situations:

  • Equipment is damaged, lost, or stolen.
  • They cannot honor return equipment on time due to emergency, including COVID isolation or quarantine.

Borrowers understand that egregious or repeated failure to honor the terms of use will be penalized. A police report will be filed for lost or stolen technology.

Renewals are not guaranteed.

Items returned past due will incur charges.

Borrowers cannot install software on laptops.

The MLC Technology Lending Program is funded through Student Technology Fees and supported by EITS and UGA Libraries. It is a shared resource for all students at UGA.