MLC Advanced Learning Lab Request

The advanced learning labs (rooms 368, 369 and 370) are classrooms with computing capability. (For more about these labs, see the advanced learning lab description)

The UGA Libraries have priority for these labs. Please note that we are unable to accomodate all requests; see our usage policy for more information. Note: Users must have a UGA myID in order to use the workstations.

Enter numbers only, i.e.7065427000
I/my group agree(s) to uphold all Miller Learning Center and UGA policies, including those regarding prevention of COVID-19.
Additional dates and times you would like to request
Users must have a UGA myID and password to access the workstations. Check the list of vLab software to see available applications. Updates to software are ongoing. It is advisable to check the workstations in the room prior to your event(s) to ensure that the application version installed meets your needs.