We are not accepting any event space requests that have an event date of August 31st or prior. We will consider event space requests for events that are set for September 1st or later. Due to furniture placement and social distancing guidelines, many events may not be possible in our event spaces. They will be considered on a case-by-case basis, and we will do our best to accommodate them.

Event Space Reservations

Place requests for event space reservations here. Please see our use policy and pricing.

Enter numbers only, i.e. 7065427000
I/my group agree(s) to uphold all Miller Learning Center and UGA policies, including those regarding prevention of COVID-19.
Which event space would you like to use? See our event space page for more information, including pictures.
Will you need extra time to set up for your event?
When would you like to begin setting up for your event?
Do you need any additional time for tear-down?
Will food be served at the event?
What type of food wil you be serving (coffee/danish, pizza, boxed lunch, buffet, etc.)
I understand that with the inclusion of food for this event, a clean-up fee may be assessed.
Caterer Name, if applicable
I understand that due to the academic nature of this building, alcohol is prohibited without prior approval. Alcohol approval will only be issued to UGA Departments and must be obtained separately from this request by emailing Katherine Wilson (kswilson@uga.edu) at least 10 business days in advance of the event. If proper approval is not obtained and alcohol is present, MLC personnel will ask that the alcohol be removed. UGA Student Organizations will not be granted approval for alcohol.