Staff Directory

Full Name Position Titlesort descending Email Address Phone Dept.
Scheuber, Roland Building Services Lead - Night 706-542-3359 Facilities Management Division (FMD)
Horne, Tommy Building Services Lead - Day 706-542-3359 Facilities Management Division (FMD)
White, Elizabeth Research & Instruction Librarian 706-542-0516 Libraries
Roberson, Casey Research & Instruction Librarian 706-542-6107 Libraries
Prentiss, Amber Research & Instruction Librarian 706-542-7674 Libraries
Riggs, Sandra Research & Instruction Librarian 706-542-6233 Libraries
Baird, Mark Engineer/Project Manager 706-542-0499 Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL)
Kern, Kathleen MLC Director 706-542-6196 Libraries
Phillips, Tatiana IT Professional Assistant 706-614-0749 Enterprise Information Technology Services (EITS)
Bennett, Shannon Assistant Department Manager / Security & Facilities Manager 706-542-4491 Libraries
Cahoon, Germaine Reference Associate 706-542-7090 Libraries
Bryan, Ben IT Professional Associate 706-542-9538 Enterprise Information Technology Services (EITS)
Barrow, Steven IT Professional Associate 706-542-7248 Enterprise Information Technology Services (EITS)
Burke, Jimmy IT Professional Associate 706-542-3024 Enterprise Information Technology Services (EITS)
Newman, Don Engineer & Programmer 706-542-3456 Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL)
Hester, Tammy IT Professional Principal 706-542-7697 Enterprise Information Technology Services (EITS)
Parker, Nathaniel IT Professional Principal 706-542-2483 Enterprise Information Technology Services (EITS)
Schwartz, Ed Associate Director of Classroom Support & Learning Spaces 706-542-0519 Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL)
Wilson, Katherine Facilities & Security Coordinator 706-542-3057 Libraries
Thomas, Rodney IT Professional Specialist 706-542-0585 Enterprise Information Technology Services (EITS)
McAndrew, Kasie Facilities & Security Coordinator - Night 706-542-2327 Libraries
Gonzalez, Junior Facilities & Security Coordinator - Weekend Night 706-542-2327 Libraries
Fain, Charles Building Services Lead - Weekend 706-542-2253 Facilities Management Division (FMD)
Jones, Tommy IT Sr. Manager 706-542-6292 Enterprise Information Technology Services (EITS)
Ghebreyesus, Ted A/V Systems Engineer 706-542-3456 Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL)
Williams, Jessica Administrative Associate 706-542-6197 Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL)
Wicker, Chad Building Services Manager 706-542-4012 Facilities Management Division (FMD)