• Classrooms - 26 general classrooms varying in size from 24 to 280 seats, a total of 2,200 seats.
  • Advanced Learning Labs - 4 state-of-the-art Advanced Learning Labs dedicated to instruction in electronic research sources, information literacy skills, software applications, and faculty development.
  • Group study rooms - 96 group study rooms are available for collaborative work. During classroom hours, twenty (20) of these rooms will be available to be reserved by instructors as supplemental classroom discussion breakout space.
  • Faculty prep rooms - relax with a cup of coffee before a class.

To reserve any of these spaces, please refer to the contact information online at MLC Reservations.



  • An instructor podium containing all instructor accessible equipment
  • A wireless touch panel control system for control of A/V source, video projector, audio level, lighting, screens, window shades, etc.
  • 2 projection screens, chalkboards, and whiteboards
  • A data/video projector
  • 2 Laptop computer connections (video/audio/ethernet)
  • CPU (features include Windows 7, Microsoft Office 2013, Internet Explorer, FTP Client, CD-R/W / DVD-ROM combo drive, 2 USB ports)  
  • VCR
  • DVD
  • Cable TV tuner
  • High resolution document camera
  • Slide projector control
  • Program audio sound system
  • Auxiliary inputs to allow other A/V devices to be viewed and heard in the room (digital VCR player, portable video conferencing cart)
  • CAT5E Audio/Video feeds to and from a master control room
  • Real time and e-mail feedback capabilities for helpdesk information
  • Wireless microphones and voice amplification system for the large auditorium classrooms
  • Portable equipment (available by reservation only - call OISD at 706-542-3456):
    • Videoconferencing cart with ethernet or telephone connectivity
    • Overhead projectors
    • Slide projectors
    • Wireless PowerPoint remote